• Global Smart Cities: Driving the Future through Sustainability, Economic Growth, and Partnerships

    Join local government leaders, industry experts, technology innovators, and academic researchers to collaborate and advance solutions for some of the most challenging issues that cities are facing today. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, G-50 GSCS is the first Smart City conference that provides hands-on workshops and collaboration opportunities that enable multi-level discussions for city leaders to come away with actionable plans for building a more sustainable, thriving future.

  • Collaborate Globally in Silicon Valley

    • Network with representatives from more than 50 major cities around the world
    • Hear – and share – local government examples and success stories
    • Learn how the latest technologies and applications are impacting global smart cities

    Connect with Government, Industry and Academia Leaders

    • Discover new partnership opportunities between local government leaders, executives from high tech giants and experts from prestigious universities
    • Get the latest predictions of future trends in smart city development

    Gain World-Class Academic Support

    • Discuss smart city projects with university researchers
    • Learn how to engage effectively with residents to increase civil participation

    Uncover Global Investment Opportunities

    • Meet with local venture capitalist firms that are seeking new business prospects
    • Discover opportunities for developing new technologies for smart city projects
    • Expand global business contacts and partnerships

    See Cutting-Edge Technology Demonstrations

    • Participate in demonstrations of smart city technologies and applications by leading high tech giants
    • Build viable roadmaps to create smarter, more sustainable global cities
  • Organizers

    Barry Chang

    G-50 Founder

    Fomer Mayor and Council Member of the City of Cupertino


    Savita Vaidhyanathan​

    G-50 Board Member

    Mayor of the City of Cupertino

    Lisa M. Gillmor

    G-50 Board Member

    Mayor of the City of Santa Clara

    Kathy Wantanabe​

    G-50 Board Member

    Council Member of the City of Santa Clara

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